Health & Fitness Tips

Houston and Surrounding Areas

Healthy aging may seem like a long shot for those in the medical industry. With several researchers looking into methods of neurodegenerative prevention, rejuvenation biotechnology, and biohacking, what helps practices determine the best ways for healthy aging is through their patients.

Here are a few practical tips to help recreate a senior (55+) program to a more engaging and inclusive environment.

Check up on their range of motion

A patient’s range of motion, such as the movement of the cervical, shoulder, thoracic, lumbar, and hip, should be able to perform a full range of motion without pain. If your patients begin to experience pain when performing these tests, then your program should include ways in which you can help re-establish it. A good Houston chiropractor will use mobilization, manipulation, and manual techniques to reawaken their lost ROM.

Be honest with your patients

Only give them the tests they need. Provide suggestions and products that they’ll be able to use personally. For instance, if one of your patients needs to lose weight, stop smoking, or get active, then the best way to go about it is to contact your patient’s medical doctors and develop a plan with them. Refer to MD specialist before beginning a new program, especially if the patient requires consistent interactions with their instructor or doctor.

Give your seniors tips

Joint exercises, foam rolling, and dynamic warm-ups are just a few ways of helping your patients learn how to manage their health themselves if their doctors and instructors don’t always surround them. Working with older populations can change the lives of seniors. Through continuous progress and positive interaction, seniors can potentially learn to help themselves and regain a sense of individualism and confidence.

They should know how to squat

Squats can help maintain ankle, knee, hip, and lumbopelvic mobility, so patients should be able to do body-weight squats, so methods such as tai chi, gait training, and mobility training can improve their movement and feel fit in their program.

Watch their diet

With seniors, recommend a Mediterranean diet, cleanses at least once a year, and lab reports that discuss supplements for managing weight for seniors. For those who wish to lose weight, the keto diet can be beneficial. Measure their BMI for protein intake, and incorporating fish and vegetables into their diet can benefit their health overall.

Judge your success on positive stories

If you hear positive stories from your patients, then you should know you’re making progress. Increased ROM, easier times getting up and sitting down, and manageable weight are all important indicators for success. With consistent care, you can effectively help slow down aging and create a senior program that works.